Working Hard…

Posted on December 3, 2008


I’ve always loved photography. I’ve always loved being behind a camera. My very first camera was the Kodak 35mm film automatic. Nothing special about it at all, but I loved it all the same. It looked like a tiny SLR, or maybe that was just me wishing it was! I continued to use it up until it completely died on me *sniff* Seriously, I kept on using this baby even though I had to sticky tape bits to keep it together! I loved that camera!

I used to shoot just mates. I loved taking photos of friends (I was even told that I took great people shots). I have heaps of photo albums to prove it 🙂 However, as time went by, and I finally got myself an SLR, I ended up concentrating more on floral and nature photography – my people photography ability slowly went down the drain…

It isn’t up until recently that I wanted to get back into people photography again. My main model is my hubby – he’s the only one I can find who will let me practice on! So he’s my full time model (whenever I actually get the chance to take any shots!).

Here’s a shot I took of him recently when he was in the backyard digging up a hole for our clothes line…

I took about a dozen shots of him at work, and found this one to be my absolute favourite. I love the position he’s in. And the light hits him just right to make his features stand out.

I wish I could take more people shots like this one!