Posted on December 10, 2008


OK, so here’s a shot of dear Medusa. Isn’t she gorgeous?!

In the shot she’s sitting on Hubby’s hand. We both took a few shots of her on the weekend. She’s beautiful to photograph – her colours stand out wonderfully.

I held her for the first time yesterday. I was so scared. I was sweating so much, that’s how scared I was! I was scared of getting bitten. Hubby has been bitten so many times, and it still scares me when she attacks him. Mind you, she has calmed down quite a lot. On the weekend I was able to sit next to Hubby on the lounge without a worry – she didn’t mind me being there one bit. So yesterday, when I held her, the first thing she did was rub her nose on me. It was so cool!

Her texture is different to Venom’s. Venom is soft… Everything about Venom is soft and gentle. While with Medusa, her skin is tougher and stronger. It’s great having two different types of snakes 🙂

I took this pick of her with natural lighting shining down on her. After all, she moves around quite a bit and very, very quickly.

FOr this shot, I had the aperture set to f3.2 to blur the background, but to also be able to have in-focus more than just her eye. I also set the camera on Manual so that I could capture the black better by stopping down by, I think, 2 stops, else she would’ve turned out grey and you wouldn’t have been able to see how beautiful she really is.

Well, this is my new family addition 🙂


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