Yes… It has been a while…

Posted on March 6, 2009


Where have I been? Working mainly… *sigh* It is just so busy at work. There’s so much to do, and so little time. Honestly, I sometimes wish I were back in school, where time would fly by slowly…

I have been up to more than just working (thank goodness!). Yes, I do have a bit of a life! lol

I’ve started exercising again… and am I paying for it? Of course I am! lol I started kickboxing – just a cardio type one, but at least I still get to punch a punching bag! 😀 I went to Boxing Works, which is in the city. It’s a pretty good place – watching the instructor show us what to do… “whoa” is all I can think – they really do know what they’re doing. And the lady yesterday had a nicely toned bod! Hopefully I’ll end up with a bod like hers! lol I’m not as sore as I was expecting, but I think the unexpected near 7 hour hiking I did on Saturday helped out!

I went to Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains on Saturday with a few family and friends to take photographs of the waterfalls there. They were gorgeous, but I didn’t come home with near enough photos I normally would. I think we did a lot more hiking than actual photo taking, which was supposed to be the main reason why we went there! lol I must admit, it was a good day tho. The sun was shining down on us, and getting hit by waterfall splashes here and there was nice and refreshing. Going down was good… but the travel back up was an absolute killer! Everyone was sore on the day, the day after and the day after that! Some might still be sore even now! lol Luckily I played soccer and had kickboxing after that, so I’m not so bad, thank goodness! I hate having the inay to walk! lol

After a long day of hiking, Suz and I decided to live with our pain and headed for Pete and Trudie’s engagement party. It was a good night, catching up with people I haven’t seen in yonks! Brad… You gotta love that boy! As well as his wife, Paula. Those two were destined to be together! They suit so well! 😀 As do the hosts! They’re perfect for each other! They’re all so much fun to be around – you’ll always have to laught with them around 🙂

Well, that’s what’s been happening with me recently… pain… lots of pain! :S

Oh! Speaking of pain… I got a tongue and belly button ring just over a month ago. I only fully recovered a couple of weeks ago lol

OK, now this really is it! 🙂


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