Photography Gig!

Posted on March 16, 2009


My cousin Rochelle has managed to line up a gig for us, including my other friend Paul, to photograph a wedding. It’s her friend’s wedding, who’s going to for a budget wedding. And because us three want some experience Rochelle asked if all three of us could do the photography for her, completely free of charge.

I’m really looking forward to it. I have only taken a few photographs here and there at friends weddings. But because they had their own photographer, I always felt weird about taking more photos than I should because I didn’t want to get in the photographers way! Only because they’re paid to do a job, and I don’t think that they would want someone stepping out in front of them destroying their chances of getting the money shot!

Anyway, the best photos I came away with from all the weddings I’ve gone to were the ones taken at Ayesha’s wedding. She had asked me to take the shots of everyone getting ready, and I managed to come away with some very nicely composed ones. Well, I was very happy with what I had taken. Seeing what I saw in my head and actually being able to pull it off… it just felt really good πŸ™‚ And what surprised me more was that I thought of them on the spot! πŸ˜€

I hope that I am able to do the same for Rochelle’s friend’s wedding. Fingers crossed! I have to do some research on the type of shots I can take. I don’t think this is going to be the traditional white-dress wedding…

I have also asked one of my friends if I could do some pre-wedding shots so that they can have it displaying at the reception, and they have happily agreed. So I’ve got two gigs up, and I really am looking forward to doing both! I honestly don’t mind about not getting paid for it – it’s the experience I’m really looking forward to πŸ™‚

Ayesha had suggested that I advertise myself out to people who are wanting budget weddings to make a start on. But I was always hesitant about doing so because I don’t have anything to show, except for a few photos taken throughout the year, which is not enough. Not only that… lack of experience. I think doing these free-of-chrage weddings will help me build up not only my portfolio, but also my confidence.

Have I mentioned that I’m looking forward to these?! πŸ™‚


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