My New Pet

Posted on March 24, 2009


Yes, I have a new pet. This one I can actually claim as my own!

Yes, the new family edition is yet another snake. Another Jungle Python. To make beautiful bambinos with Medusa! πŸ˜€

But instead of this one being another one of Hubby’s pets, where I also call them mine, the situation is now reversed – this one is mine where Hubby will be calling it his! πŸ˜€

His name is “Hades”, Greek God of the Underworld. And he is GORGEOUS! To go with the other gorgeous two that we have. I did want to call him either Gabit or Tazy, but Hubby said no and to “come up with a better name”! And Suz reminded me of the names of the other two (yes, disapproval from her too!)

We actually found this one by accident. Hubby and I have been in search for a mate for Medusa pretty much as soon as we got her, so no, Hades was not a spare of the moment thing like Medusa was! It took us ages before we finally landed on this boy. All the ones we kept finding had more of a gold colour instead of yellow, which left us unsure of whether or not it will grow up to be yellow and black. The breeders advised that they would turn more yellow with age, but it still left us in doubt. Only because Medusa was very yellow from the day we first saw her. The other problem was that all the breeders of these apparent yellow and black ones were in sunny Queensland, meaning we would have to organise for it to be shipped down. Not only that, the only thing you can go by are the photos they send through. Much better to be able to see these things in person. So, come Friday night, Hubby managed to find a couple who were also in Sydney. Score! They sent the pics through, and ended up finding our match for Medusa – yay! πŸ˜€

The day we got him, he went straight on to Hubby’s hand. I swear, he is Snake-Man! Every single one of our snakes have all gone to him automatically. They just love him! Getting home, Hades was a bit uncomfortable with the new surroundings, so he was quite snappy. He can bite pretty hard for a little thing! But most of it is like little pin pricks. I’m still not used to handling him – he moves unbelievably quick! So Hubby has not only been training him, but also me on how to handle him better. Thank goodness! I need all the help I can get! I really don’t want to hurt the little thing – he’s so fragile! Well, he’s doing heaps better only after 2 days. We took him out a few times last night, and the final time we took him out he didn’t bite at all.

I think he knows that he belongs to me, even though Hubby handles him more. I say that because he actually comes to me! I put my hand out and he comes to me! The other two don’t do that – Hubby always has to hand them over to me! So I was happy when he came to me after putting my hand out to him, and also when he remained on my hand even though Hubby put his hand out to take him – the other two normally go straight to Hubby as soon as they sense him!

I will post some pics up of him soon to show you just how cute this little sucker is! πŸ˜€


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