Posted on May 26, 2009


Alright, so her number plate isn’t that, but to me it is! And as Draven pointed out in her blog, ST33LA beat her up good!

OK, that’s not what really happened. STELLA did nothing wrong!

So what exactly happend…?

Thursday night shopping… Draven decides to turn a peaceful shopping trip into something more exciting! How? By having the ability to think way too much and therefore having the inability to have her brain function two hands at the same time, thereby causing the right hand to slam the door on her left one!


So I do the only thing a fantastic, wonderful friend would do…

I crack up laughing at how clutzy she is!

… until I realise that she’s in actual pain…

… to which I then laugh some more!

I honestly couldn’t help it! It was hilarious! Only Draven would have the ability to slam a car door on her own finger! LMAO!

Well, I eventually calmed down and tried to help her by visiting Macca’s to grab a cup of ice to sooth and tissues to wip the continous flow of blood.

Yes, blood just kept pouring out and wouldn’t stop.

As determined was Draven’s finger to bleed, so was Draven herself when it came to her search for boots. She was determined to buy a pair of boots before heading home, or the hospital which is where I was insisting on taking her.

A faint feeling overcoming poor Draven led us to the front of Westfields where fresh air and a cigarette boosted her determination to find her pair of boots. Shopping made by myself and Koedi (sorry luvy if I’ve spelt your name wrong!) done, but it wasn’t until 1.5 hours later did Draven find her boots (two to be exact) and that’s when our shopping finally ended.

After confirmation from her mum that the hospital is where she really should be going, and much laughing and bagging by S, we finally headed for the hospital, where we stayed, waiting most of the time until 1.30am *yawn* It honestly felt like the longest waiting time we experienced was right at the end, where Draven was waiting for her 2 page letter to be given to her, together with pain killers (not even the good stuff!), basically saying that Daven had slammed her finger in a car door!

Draven is back at work, and her finger is doing alright, as is she 🙂 she was advised by her doctor that she should try moving it, because he’s scared that a nerve might be damaged – fingers crossed that it’s not the case 😦

And as I mentioned earlier… Like the good friend that I am… I’m still laughing at her! 😀


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