Getting there…

Posted on June 19, 2009


The last couple of nights I’ve found myself lounging in front of the TV watching one of my favourite shows, Veronica Mars, while recovering from my boxing/kickboxing classes. Hades has been keeping me company, and so I’ve been keeping him out a lot longer than I normally would.

The first night had him just taking it all in – his tail never leaving me and he pretty much stayed around the same spot. Last night had him being a bit more adventurous. He discovered the coffee table, trying numerous times to get on it. One time led him to falling on the floor. He was also checking me out a lot, just staring at me constantly for periods at a time while I watched TV. He even tried making his way up to my face, but I was too chicken to keep him from going further! He wasn’t in the attacking position, he was just wanting to do more discovering 🙂 Yeah, I’m still chicken, but I have to admit that he was only a centimetre away from my face! I’m still trying to read him, but I am getting there.

He’s getting bigger every day… And his head is still the same size as Venom’s!

Gonna spoil him some more tonight 🙂


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