First Family Shoot!

Posted on September 7, 2009


I did my very first family portrait shoot just over a week ago – one of my workmates had asked for photos of her kids to be taken, so of course I accepted!

For weeks I had been told that her daughter is extremely cheeky – I always thought it was just a bit of an exaggeration… until I met her! Boy is she cheeky! hehe She was quiet and shy as soon as I stepped out of my car, peeking her head at me from between the balcony posts. But then minutes went by and I started mucking around with her, and then her cheekiness came alive!

Now, her boy… He’s supposed to be the sensible one. But he’s just like his sister! lol

Her kids are so adorable, her girl especially (now, you cannot disagree with me after seeing how CUTE she is!). I really enjoyed working with them that day, and they enjoyed my company too – they asked me to come back and play with them! Gosh, I feel so loved! 😀 hehe

Here are a few of my favourite shots…

I seriously can’t wait to catch up with these cheeky buggers again! 😀


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