Mini Me

Posted on November 22, 2009


OK, maybe not!

But my little couin is close enough to being that… for the time being anyway! 😛

This photo was take a few weeks back, during one of the monthly photo sessions held by Facebook group “Photo Daze” (check them out, and if you’re living in Sydney why not join the group and attend the events!)

The last one held was on Halloween, back at Oatley Park. Because it was Halloween, the theme of the day was “Good Vs Evil”, hence the halo on top of her head! My little cousin provided much posing for me that day (and I’m hoping her mum will be pleased with the many shots I took of her to add to their family portrait collection) – much appreciated btw couz 🙂

You can see the other shots I took of her by clicking on the image above.

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