Posted on November 29, 2009


A couple of years ago one of my mates and I decided to start up photography assignments for us to do weekly, where a choice in topic would be chosen and we would have a week to come up with an image to show one another and critique. This helped out with getting our creative juices flowing as well as getting to know our camera a bit better – we felt like we were losing touch.

That lasted about a month! lol The reason being, we just got too busy with every day life.

Well, we’ve decided to give it another shot, this time making the timeline a bit longer – we thought that doing it monthly would banish the “I’m too busy” excuse 🙂

We only started this month, and our first assigned topic was “Series Shots”. You could take a photo of whatever you liked, from a kid sliding down a slippery dip to something that’s all the same picture but shown differently.

I decided to take a photo of my little cousin eating an ice-block (I was actually more hoping for a big lolly pop, but it was too hot for that!). I wanted to take shots of the ice-block, then someone handing it over to my cousin and then my cousin face as soon as he dug into the beautiful coldness of it! Did I get that? NO! lol He was too busy running around, trying to hide from me because he didn’t want his photo taken… but did at the same time, if you get what I mean? :S lol

In the end, I did get a shot of him with an ice-block in his hand, however, he was too busy hiding behind a table cloth to actually open it up to eat it!

Anyway, here’s my submission:

(Clicking on the photo will take you to my page that will be holding all my assignment submissions)

If you want to take a geezer at my friend’s submission, clicking on this link will take you to his submission on his portfolio.

We managed to rope in one of our other friends into this as well. You can check out his work here – I’m not too sure when he’ll be putting up his submission tho.