Way Back When…

Posted on January 3, 2010


I was going through old photos when I found this one of Venom, back when Hubby first got him. Venom is now approaching 2 years of age.

I haven’t shared many photos of our slithery pets, so I guess this is a start!

It’s so hard to believe that Venom was actually that small – doesn’t he look like a worm?! I can’t remember him being that small. All I remember is being scared of him going near my toes in fear that he may think that they were dinner! It took me a while to realise that Venom is one of the most gentle snakes you will ever come across.

It’s great having Venom as it gives visitors at least one snake to hold and not be scared off. My mum even held him a couple of days ago, surprisingly quite comfortably and for quite a while, too 🙂

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