Feeding Time

Posted on March 4, 2010


My snakes are fed the way that’s more to their nature.

Stimson Pythons are digging snakes, so generally eat their food on the ground.

Jungle Pythons generally attack their food from above, so you’d find them hanging off something to eat their prey. Therefore, when it comes to feeding time, you’ll find my Jungle’s hanging on my 3 tier clothes line at home when it comes to their weekly feed.

The above photo was taken of Medusa doing just that. I love getting in close when she’s feeding, seeing all her long sharp teeth slowly coming out as she works her food down. I honestly find it fascinating to watch.

When we first got Medusa, Hubby had to feed her in Venom’s original tank because of how feisty she was. Eventually, he started allowing her to eat while hanging from his hand. But because of how big she is now, allowing her to eat from the clothes line was the way to go. Besides, I don’t think Hubby would’ve been able to handle holding his arm up for half-an-hour to an hour while she ate!

The same deal was when I first got Hades. He started in Venom’s tank, but then he made the decision to eat from Hubby’s hand! From then on, he was eating from mine, and now he’s comfortable on the clothes line. It’s a bugger getting them off that thing when they’re finally done, though!

As I mentioned earlier, Venom is a digging python, but there was a short time there when Hubby was feeding him just like the other two. Even though he was able to do it, you could tell that he was more comfortable eating on steady ground.

On another note, I waited for who knows how long last night for Hades to shed – I haven’t seen him shed yet. He always looked like he was about to, but never did anything! Woke up this morning to see his skin hanging from the top of his tank to the bottom, so I gave him a lecture and headed for work! *sigh* Maybe he got stage fright 😦 Hopefully next time I’ll be able to catch him!

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