Missing New Zealand…

Posted on November 10, 2010


As mentioned in an earlier post, I went to New Zealand for my yearly snow trip with Hubby. I miss that place already. I would love to live in that country – it’s such a beautiful place.

Accommodation has been better, but at least we got a view this time (last year all we got was a bush!) St. Moritz… Oh, how I want to go back there… This was our view this year – great view of everything.

Those apartments you see on the bottom left is Peppers Beacon – that’s where we plan on staying from now on – unfortunately, St. Moritz will have to be left for special occasions…

Our first couple of days there consisted of getting settled in or walking around Queenstown. My gosh! We spent the whole of Monday shopping! Kept going from one shop to the next trying to find and choose the best pants, helmet, etc to buy! Oh how I love my new snow pants!

Found an all-day breakfast pub. mmm… bacon… I tried vennison hot pot this time, like I said I would, and was really glad I did.

I actually did well going down the slopes this year. All I can think is how good I would be had I not skied off a cliff on my honeymoon! Went down a black run, was doing jumps, and carving it down with as much speed as I could with walls of snow on either side. I loved it! Cardrona has been the best snow fields I’ve gone to yet – I had no fear because snowboarding into or falling down doesn’t hurt when it’s all nice and soft 🙂

Got some nice scenery shots while up on the mountains. There was one day the clouds nearly reached the top of the mountain at Coronet Peak – it was a beautiful sight to see.

You can check out a couple more mountain shots on my Flickr page.