Romeo & Elisabeth…

Posted on April 27, 2011


I had the pleasure of taking part in photographing a wedding of one of the most beautiful couple I have ever met.

It was such a pleasure working for them. They were extremely friendly and are the type of people you can’t help but like, which showed in the amount of close friends they have in their life.

The lucky couple got to do what many aren’t able to… they exchanged vows in tropical Hawaii! How lucky is that! 🙂 But they didn’t want their close friends and family who couldn’t be there to miss out, so they continued the celebration when they returned.
Botany Bay Seafood Restaurant in Brighton LeSands was their choice for continuing their celebration. Great choice, because not only were the people who worked there fantastic, the food was to die for! If you’re ever in search for a place to celebrate at then this is the place to go to 🙂
Elisabeth’s dress was gorgeous! Now, I loved my wedding dress, but I wouldn’t mind walking down the aisle again just so I could wear a dress like hers! lol Elisabeth got her dress designed, which is why it was different from the ones I’ve seen before (seriously, I love the subtle split down the left leg). If you would like to know her designer, I could always find out for you.

What I especially loved seeing was how close the bride was to her father. Every time I saw the affection they had towards each other, and seeing how proud her father was of her, it just brought a smile to my face.

Romeo and Elisabeth, thank you so much for letting me be part of your wedding.

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