Soot-ii Hothersall Fashion Shoot

Posted on May 13, 2011


Luke Davids had a photo shoot of the Soot-ii Hothersall clothing line at the Glebe Tram Yard, which I mentioned visiting in my last post.

The shoot went over two days, but unfortunately I was only able to attend one of those days. However, the clothes that I did get see were fantastic! I seriously wanted to shove a couple of the outfits in my bag and quickly run away!

The clothes are designed and made by Megan Quigley. You can check out her entire collection at Only a couple are made for every design created, so you can be sure you’ll be one of the only ones strutting your stuff in it.

Luke got some amazing photos from the shoot, which you really should check out. Just click here to view his shots.

But who wouldn’t get amazing shots with a model like Georgia. She can be serious, sassy and fun! (Great mix I think!) But I personally thought she was a cutie with a beautiful smile.

Lisa McManus was in charge of all the make-up, so if you’re ever after a make-up artist you really should get in contact with her. Her email is
She’s also the one to contact if you’re after Georgia to model for you.

All the girls were fantastic. It was a real pleasure to meet them all and have the opportunity to take part.


P.S. You can check out more of my pics from the shoot on my Flickr page.