Byblos In Gosford

Posted on June 16, 2011


I finally got to meet Ulah, the awesome belly dancer I mentioned in an earlier post, in person, and I have to say… she is absolutely fantastic! She invited me to go to Gosford to take some shots at a place she was performing at. I was allowed a friend to tag along, so I dragged Luke out with me. You can check out his photos of the night on his site.

The place is called Byblos and it’s a Lebanese bar and restaurant. It’s a really nice joint. Michael, the manager, made Luke and I feel welcomed, and let us have any food and drinks we wanted – Thanks, Michael! 🙂 Now, I couldn’t try out any of the concotions he made due to being the designated driver (you’ll have to ask Luke about that!), but I can definitely say that the food was absolutely delish! Seriously, if you find yourself up there, you really have to check out this place – you will not be sorry!

Check out restaurant’s web site here

Ulah’s performance was once again an absolute joy to watch. It was so funny seeing all these guys jaws drop as soon as she came out shaking her thing hehe This Aussie girl really does have a gift for this. 🙂

Ulah had two drummers this time performing along side her – the guy who performed with her at the wedding where I first saw her and his brother. These two brothers were also an absolute joy to watch. The way these two got into it was amazing! They said that they’ve been doing it for years, and you can really tell when you see their performance.

These 3 performers not only work together but solo. If you’re after a belly dancer to perform at your function, see my other blog entry about her for contact details. If you’re after the drummers, you can contact Raf on 0420 310 910. But you really have to see all 3 of them performing together for fantastic entertainment!

Ulah, Raf and Phil – It was amazing meeting all of you! You guys are the best! 🙂

You can check out more of my shots on either my Flickr or Facebook Page.

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