Model For The Day

Posted on July 19, 2011


Luke had asked one of his work mates to model for us for a day. She didn’t think he was serious until he tried to confirm a day! lol

We were wanting to take photos at the Dunlop Factory, however we found it to be locked up on the day. Luke and I were beginning to believe we were abandoned factory jinxes – first, Glebe Tram Yard and now the Dunlop Factory!

We were thinking of “breaking and entering” but the only available entrance for us was an area we didn’t think would lead us anywhere, so we gave up and headed for the Smoke Stacks in Sydney. Got a few shots there, but Luke was really itching for something run-down, old and graffited 🙂

Ended up in Malamar in La Perouse. Not much graffiti, but it was old, and we did manage to get a few shots there too.

Called it a day when Lisa convinced us she was tired! hehe

Thanks Lisa for being our test subject! Looking forward to working with you again! 😉 hehe