DJ Marc Alexander

Posted on July 21, 2011


Had the opportunity to take part in photographing a DJ 2 weeks ago.

Marc wanted colour, but he also wanted B&W, so Luke and I thought that the Dunlop Factory was the best choice. Thankfully it wasn’t locked up this time! We got to discover other parts of the run down factory, as well as finding the area we were planning on “breaking and entering” when we tried to come here last time! 🙂

Marc asked a couple of girls to come along to the shoot. Being the middle of winter, it was freezing! So I really have to give a round of applause to the girls for battling the cold in the clothes that they ended up wearing – they weren’t skimpy, but I wouldn’t be wearing them in winter!

Luke will be working his magic at some of Marc’s gigs, so you’ll have to watch out for those photos!

I’m honestly loving all these different types of photographic opportunities that are being present to me! Looking forward to more 🙂