Girl with many faces…

Posted on October 14, 2011


Did a photo shoot with a beautiful, fun-loving American on the weekend. She’s living down under for a year to do some travelling – lucky girl! I think she’s actually seen more of Australia than I have, and she’s only been here for 3 months! lol

The shoot was done in our favourite run down building, The Dunlop Factory – believe me when I say that we did try to find another place! However, other places just don’t seem up to our standards – not enough graffiti and nothing really left behind. The thing that makes The Dunlop Factory so great is that, as Luke put, it looks like everyone ran out immediately due to some threat fast approaching 🙂
It rained the day before, so we were left with a few puddles here and there, which made for great reflections.

So why do I call her the girl with many faces? Well, with a slight turn of her head or a pout of her lips, she’d transform from Elizabeth to looking a bit like Jessica Rabbit (too bad she didn’t have a red dress!), and at other times even looking a bit like Megan Fox! Elizabeth truly is a beautiful girl 🙂

We all had so much fun – goofing around and cracking jokes. Would love to do another shoot with this girl at least one more time before she heads back home.
Thank you so much Elizabeth for the day out. I hope you like the photos 🙂