Posted on February 2, 2012


Had the opportunity to take photos of a gorgeous writer, going by the name of Gemma McCormack, on Sunday.

This girl is so lovely. And a professional at only 25 running her own media company! I have to say I was highly impressed.

The shoot was done at Sydney Hospital. Apparently you need a permit if you want to take photos there. Luckily Security didn’t spot us (or maybe they just pretended not to spot us earlier!) until near the end of the shoot, where they allowed us 10 more minutes to finish up – we were there for longer than that and we never saw them again 🙂

There was one man who was walking through who couldn’t help but gawk Gemma 🙂 And another who works at the coffee shop offering to pose with her! hehe

Thank you Gemma for letting me capture your beauty. I hope to work with you again 🙂


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