My passion in photography has been around since my high school days. I’ve always loved being behind a camera – you’d normally find me behind a camera taking photos of my friends. Being in front of the camera was another story – sometimes friends would have to pin me down just to snap me! 🙂

Back then, my Kodak point-and-shoot camera was my baby. It looked like an old style mini SLR – I loved the look of it. I continued to use it even though I had to keep it together with sticky tape! So you can imagine my utter disappointment when it finally clonked it… 😦

Anyway, the reason why I love taking photos so much is because they prove to be an excellent way of remembering life’s happenings. The older I get, the more forgetful I become! So having visuals I can look back on is my memory healer.

Even though I had owned an SLR since early 2000, I didn’t start taking it seriously until I got my first DSLR – yep, the dreaded money was a factor. The introduction of Digital SLRs has enabled me to play around with my camera a lot more, learning things I wouldn’t have been able to test with my SLR.

Obtaining a DSLR allowed me to discover Art Photography rather than the people photography which I enjoyed doing while in school. It wasn’t until last year that I started getting back into Portrait Photography.

If you take a look at my photos, you’ll find that my photographic style is fairly bold. However, I do try different styles from time to time, and it also depends on my mood 🙂

Here, I’ll be sharing my Art Photography as well as my People Photography.

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